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Transfer Mechanism

The transfer mechanism of SACMA Progressive and Combined headers is by far considered the world benchmark, so much, that it has been subject of numerous unsuccessful imitation attempts by others.

The precise movement of the transfer fingers, determined by a smooth oscillating mechanism generated by perfect Desmodrive double cams imparts to the whole system a perfect control of position also at the maximum production speeds.

The multiple adjustments, timing of the transfer phase, variation of the clamping force, variation of the opening/closing speed of the fingers, together with the absence of springs, allows the transferring of long parts and of the shortest parts to take place in safety at maximum speeds.

The well known and great capability of the SACMA transfer to handle difficult and short parts, now becomes all the more versatile with the introduction of a patented SACMA transfer support assist package, that can transfer conical or shoulder parts which would tend to fall on die kick-out.

The system consists of support fingers, perfectly timed with the motion of the transfer and of the kickout rods, brought about by a direct link with the rods and a DesmoDrive system of double cams which controls the lateral movement.