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The best machinery to produce high strength engine bolts.

Sacma introduces the new 5 dies progressive headers model SP360SL-CR-SM with a longer DKO and an integrated pointing unit for production of Engine Bolts. This machine allows to have the bolts already formed and pointed before the heat treatment and to reduce the stock of unfinished parts in production.

This lean production line permits to run Engine Bolts with max. 160 mm. shaft length, M12 thread with 12.9 or more High strength steel.

The heading station consists in:


  • S-Feed precision feeding system driven by servomotor;
  • Electronic hand wheel for slow motion machine positioning.
  • Motorized adjustments;
  • Quick Change Tool system: die block, punch block with wedges, transfer unit;
  • Desmodrive transfer with additional finger for finished parts, self-coupling, hydraulic fixing system, hydraulic clamping of timing cams, variable phase timing.

The pointing station consists in:

  • Pointing system with working-stroke control system;
  • Quick change pointing tool holder, with;
  • Set-Up Jigs for tools centering and starter setting.

The patented S-Feed System is supplied as a standard feature to feed the machine automatically and to perfectly complete the equipment of SP360SL-CR-SM. With this new device, the operator has only to set-up the length of the blank on the SC-Touch Panel Control and the machine takes care about the over or lower wire feeding. Another strategic point is the possibility to use the S-Feed in alternate blow mode to reduce the machine load.