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Sacma Warm Former

The most technically advanced Warm Formers for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries. Thanks to the successful operation of over 30 Warm Formers in production, we have applied our proven technology to all of our Formers from 10mm to 25mm wire diameter capacity. Our Warm Formers are assembled with state of the art designed features and components that ensure exceptional performance and reliability not available from any other manufacturer.

Monoblock bed casting made of perlitic spheroidal cast iron, to guarantee the maximum rigidity and the highest level of stability when forming high tensile strength materials heated to warm forming temperatures.

S-Feed system - servomotor controlled feeding system for precise management of the wire feeding into and out of the machine. Automatically retracts the wire from the induction coils when the machine stops for quick and safe operation. Provides the operator complete control of the wire feeding process including Alternate Feeding mode for more forming versatility.

Single and Double Induction Coils (30Kw to 150Kw) to heat a wide range of exotic materials up to 9000C. Internal and External Coil systems are available to provide a wide range of forming capabilities. Coils are at maximum lengths for precise control of the heating process to assure the material is thoroughly heated to the desired temperature and maximum production speeds.

Spot heating coils - adjustable to heat a portion of the cutoff length for concentrating the heat for special parts. Optical Pyrometers - provide accurate temperature readings of the material during the heating process and just before the cutoff.

SC-Matic Touch-Screen Panel - to provide the operator complete control and feed back of the heating system performance, management of the wire temperature and all machine functions.

Solid die block - specifically designed for Warm Forming. Includes coated sleeves in each station and special designed circulation of coolant liquid for maintaining a constant temperature to assure precise and repeatable forming tolerances.

Cutter holder with internal oil cooling - to assure the wire alignment in the cutter for precise cutoffs. Cooling and Thermo Regulation Systems - for automatic and accurate control of the temperature of the bed and die area to maintain forming precision over long production runs. Automatically warms the machine at startup and changes to cooling when the operating temperature is obtained. Reduces material waste at startup. 

Automatic motorized adjustments - of stock gage tip and of threaded kickout sleeves, allowing adjustments of the blank length and ejector pin position during production.

Automatic fire extinguishing system - with flame detection sensors, CO2 dispersion system and automatic exhaust damper system with visual and audio alarms.